Bounty of Autumn

Autumn stirs, and the torrent of green brought on by Spring's rains and Summer's sun is fading and morphing. What might it hold as it awakens? A cool, heavenly breeze engulfs me as I walk the wayside down County B, outside of Murphy's Park. The Bounty of Autumn has been bestowed, and the trees to either side of the road are a patchwork of hues which ebb and flow as my eye wanders. This time of year holds nature's most revered jazz performances, and as I compose and recompose, shifting moods within the medley of scarlet, gold, and green seem to accompany and complement me. I'm overcome with joy; and the breeze pulls through the stands of Birch, letting leaves loose to fall and dance in the wind.

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Jeff O'Keeffe Jeff O'Keeffe

Uploaded 12:20 PM on December 4, 2018
Posted in Fall Foliage
Murphy County Park, WI
Map of Murphy County Park, WI


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Bounty of Autumn by Jeff O'Keeffe
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