I am looking for a critical review of the attached picture. I personally like it quite a bit, but it has not gotten much "love" on this site. I am fine with that, but would like to get feedback on what may be lacking. I have very thick skin, so please do not hold back! Thanks. Pete

Thanks Al. I never noticed the color of the rocks. I can crop that out and see how it looks. Appreciate the college level feedback :)

in addition to Al's comment, I'd like to see the color saturation a little higher so the clouds in the sky are more defined.

Pete, who's the rock star of the image (the main focus) its hard to tell is it the rocks in the fore ground, the ice heave or the reflection. If its the reflection, I would have preferred a higher point of view to capture more of it. If its the rocks in the foreground then they should be in focus and darker. If its the ice heaves there should be more contrast to bring out the shadows of the ice and more saturation of the blues. The snow seems to be a bit blown out also ( no detail). This is a hard image to capture in one shot and would be a great candidate for HDR. With three shots at different exposers blended together you could have captured a much higher dynamic range. If you have a version of Photoshop you can use a curves adj. layer to darken the snow and sky and then mask them in. HDR does not have to be an orgy of over saturation and over sharpening with black snow like most HDR images you see here on CDC. It can be very natural if done correctly.

Thanks Dave and Lynn for the feedback! I appreciate the responses.