Greeting, I'm new to Capture Door County as I just received a new camera for Christmas. I am slowly learning about it thanks in part to looking at photos on this site and noting the camera settings that each was taken at. I have a Canon T5i Rebel and I'd like to try some HDR photography. The camera has an HDR setting that takes 3 quick shots but the final products so far don't look anything close to what I am seeing on here. Are most of the shots on here manually taken and stacked in a software program on a PC?
If so suggestions for a good program to buy? I have heard Lightroom is the software of choice.
Comment or suggestions...? Thanks- Tim Guckenberg

Stacked HDR is the way to go. Or multiple exposures taken. However the best way you can get the info needed to capture all the details in the highlights/midtones/shadows is by shooting in HDR and using your histogram to check and see if you can get it in one shot(info in the middle of the histogram)

HDR Software like photomatix is pretty good, however I havent really liked the way they process my images... to "fake" looking...

I would suggest taking a class in photoshop/buy it and learn basics in photography(using histogram, etc) than check out some of Sean Bagshaws tutorials on Dynamic Range blending here I think I spend $10-20 per month for both Photoshop and Lightroom so its not too bad :)

If you would ever like to hang out and talk shop, I would love to do so. I love to pass on my knowledge and experience to people, so as long as our schedules match up, i am sure i can help you along quickly :)

Thanks for the thoughts Al and Steven. Steven, I live in Ellison Bay and would love to get together and learn a bit. February is pretty busy for me but March opens up. I'll be in touch.