I'm seeing more and more copyright watermarks on photos, including those selected as POTD. I thought I remembered somewhere in the rules that this isn't allowed and all photos submitted become public domain? I often post photos from other people on here to Facebook for my friends to see. I think Facebook photos also become public domain regardless of watermarks. Can someone clarify what's the status of photos posted here?

Hi... I know your post is from 2yrs ago, but I'm new here, so let me take a crack at answering it:

If you want pro-level photography, you're going to have to accept a watermark on the image because that is payment to the artist for sharing the images here.

I assume as soon as I posted on this site that I'd lose control of my images, which means you are free to post them on Facebook but they most certainly are not considered being in the Public Domain. ie: I still own the copyright to my images even when uploaded to this site or Facebook.

I am also aware that images posted on facebook by anyone in general is never considered Public Domain. Good etiquette is to always keep the watermarks in tact and post who shot the photo.. ie: Give credit where it's due.

As far as what this sites rules are, I'd defer to the admins to chime in and answer.

the guidelines seem to still say no watermarks

"No obtrusive text (or watermarks) on photo"

You are correct.

They also say this:

"In addition to the rules, to help guide the community of Capture Door County users, we have a few submission guidelines. These guidelines aren't rules,..." it's a gray area...

I think a subtle non-intrusive watermark is still ok, especially if an image has clear high value... which is subjective I know, but if this was a rule vs. a guideline, several of the pro photographers I just followed on this site would never post here. I'd agree if the watermark was large and obnoxious or blatant advertising that it shouldn't be allowed ...but if it's subtle and photo is awesome...let it go, enjoy the pic.

PS: I took a look at your photo gallery and really enjoyed a lot of your pics.

I agree. Subtle watermarks are no problem, but some are so large and heavy they are probably advertising. When I see the heavy large watermarks in a contest I automatically give "1 star".